Red Mars

Installation and painting series by Adam Turl

the story:

"I can see and hear the future of colonized Mars, including people’s thoughts, using the telescope on my back porch, off old Highway 13, between Murphysboro and Carbondale, Illinois. My visions came to me jumbled and out-of-order. But I have re-organized my observations to make them comprehensible and grouped them by subject." (Alex Pullman, aka, the Barista Who Could See the Future, 2038)

A note: Alex Pullman was briefly a member of the 13 Baristas Art Collective. In the mid-2030s he moved back home to southern Illinois.

Red Mars (2016). Acrylic, coffee, meteorite dust, glitter, stickers on canvas with telescope, LED sign, cups, found objects and "comic." (Top Photo: James Byard/Washington University)

iterations installed at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum and site-specific locations