Cité Residency

the stories:

Erasure vs. Flint: Two brothers are living together in a house outside St. Louis in the ‘not too distant future.’ One, Flint, has just been released from prison. The other, Erasure, is a mid-level fascist government official. Erasure continually erases or conceals images collected by his brother. Flint responds by ‘restoring’ them in some manner.

The Barista Who Could See the Future: Alex Pullman, a part time artist and coffee shop worker, believes he can see the future. In his first vision, looking through his grandfather’s telescope, he saw a revolution unfolding on the surface of a colonized Mars. He then foresaw that on the eve of World War Three UFOs would appear in the skies. They froze missiles and bombs in the air and resurrected the world’s communards. In his third vision he saw a million people on rafts fleeing New York City as it drowned in the ocean. Scrambling for their lives they began to denounce each other – and each formed their own personal nation-state.


work made while in residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris (October-December 2016)