Press + Media Coverage

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Leslie Ventura, “A Flat Dimension Comes Alive in ‘Revolt of the Swivel Chairs,’” Las Vegas Weekly (March 2018)

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Audio + Video

“The Total Art of Neoliberalism,” Adam Turl, video presented at Historical Materialism London 2018, (February 2019)

“Art, Music + The Return of the Crowd,” Adam Turl, Holly Lewis, Alexander Billet, panel at Historical Materialism London 2017, (November2017)

“The Barista Who Could See the Future,’ Adam Turl, video produced for exhibition at Artspace 304, (September 2017)

“Interrogating Uneven + Combined Development in Aesthetics,” Adam Turl, Trish Kahle, Jordy Cummings, panel at Historical Materialism Toronto 2016, (August 2016)

“Art Against Global Apartheid,” Adam Turl, Alexander Billet, C.S. Becceril, panel at Historical Materialism Toronto 2016, (June 2016)

“For Art as Epic Theater,” Adam Turl, artist talk given at Project 1612 and the Brett Wesley Gallery, (October 2015)

“Neoliberalism + The Radical Imagination,” Adam Turl, Alexander Billet, panel at the Left Forum New York 2015, (September 2015)

“Ernst Fischer + The Necessity of Art,” Adam Turl, workshop at Socialism 2013, Chicago, (June 2013)


Articles + Essays

“We Are All Outsider Artists Now,” Adam Turl, (May 2019)

“The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction,” Adam Turl, Red Wedge (print, Fall 2018, - May 2019)

“Outsider Art is a Lie,” Adam Turl, (February 2019)

“Gentrification + The Weak Avant-Garde,” Adam Turl, Evicted Art Blog (January 2019)

“No More Art Districts,” Adam Turl, (December 2018)

“Who Will Be Pirate Jenny?” Adam Turl, (June 2018)

“Aesthetic Leveling: Riot + Poetry,” Adam Turl, Red Wedge Magazine (Nov 2017)

“Anti-Fascist Protest Targets MoMA,” Adam Turl, (February 2017)

“Forty Years After the Dematerialization of the Art Object,” Adam Turl, (January 2016)

“Evicted Art: Eight Points,” Adam Turl, (August 2016)

“The Art of Primitive Communism,” Adam Turl, (May 2016)

“The Democratic Image,” Adam Turl, (April 2016)

“Against the Weak Avant-Garde,” Adam Turl, (April 2016)

“The Ghost Ship is Our Triangle Fire, Adam Turl, co-written with Alexander Billet, (December 2016)

“Beyond Zero Tolerance and Forever Now: A New Genealogy for Anti-Capitalist Art,” Adam Turl, (May 2015)

“November: On Making Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Art,” Adam Turl, Anna Maria Tucker, Craig E. Ross, Ian Matchett, Kelly Gallagher, Danica Radoshevich, (April 2015)

“The Art Space as Epic Theater,” Adam Turl, (April 2015)

“Weak Socialism + Contemporary Art,” Adam Turl, (December 2015)

“Constructivism: The Avant-Garde + The Russian Revolution, Adam Turl, Red Wedge Magazine (October 2015)

“An Opera for Beggars,” Adam Turl, (August 2015)

“Interrupting Disbelief: Narrative Conceptualism and Anti-Capitalist Studio Art,” Adam Turl, (February 2015)

“12 Concerns for Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Studio Art,” Adam Turl, (February 2015)

“In Defense of Artistic Autonomy,” Adam Turl, (September 2014)

“A Thousand Lost Worlds: Notes on Gothic Marxism,” Adam Turl, (Summer 2014)

“Ways of (Not) Seeing,” Adam Turl, (June 2013)