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"Central Committee, November 2071 (Revolt of the Swivel Chairs)" in progress by Adam Turl (with details). Acrylic, Sharpie, ink, stickers, post-it notes, staples, coffee and mixed-media on canvas tarp.(Las Vegas studio, 2017)

"Lengend/Key (The Barista Who Could See the Future)" in progress (Dollar Art House, January 2017)

Chicago (December 2016)

Work in progress (January 2017)

Paris studio (December 2016)

Chicago (Fall 2016)

Craig E. Ross and Alexander Billet (Chicago 2016)

Crystal Stella Becerril @ Historical Materialism Toronto (2016)

Sam Fox studio (2016)

Husni Ashiku, Najjar Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, Adam Turl and Anna Maria Tucker at the Evicted from Heaven and Earth show (Surplus Gallery, Carbondale, 2013)

Kyle Preckwinkle (Chicago 2014)

Dickson Beall (St. Louis 2016)

Soma Davidson (Chicago 2016)

Source image photo shoot (Dollar Art House, January 2017)

Dollar Art House studio (January 2017)

Installing "Red Mars" at the Kemper Museum (Spring 2016)

Najjar Abdul-Musawwir (Sam Fox Studio 2014)

Working on "A Painter of Our Time" series/project in the Sam Fox (October 2014)

St. Louis studio on Cherokee Street (Luminary 2016)

Sam Fox Open Studios (St. Louis 2016)

Sam Fox Open Studios (St. Louis 2016)

Paris studio (November 2016)

Craig E. Ross (2015)

Bob Quéllos and Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez (Chicago 2016)

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