The Dream Life of Adjunct Painting Instructors

Adam Turl                                                       618-713-8132                                              

Mass "resistance" meeting organized by Socialist Alternative St. Louis. Sunni Hutton, Adam Turl, Ashton Rome, Sarah de Lacie. Photograph by Richard Reilly (2017)

Adam Turl, Alexander Billet and Crystal Stella Becerril at Historical Materialism London (2016).

Carbondale (2010)

Chiapas (1999).

The fictional artist Immaculata Rudolofo (with Alejandro Puga, 1997-1998)

Socialist Alternative St. Louis during the 2016 presidential campaign

Craig E. Ross at the "Art and Revolution" discussion during the Didactic Art Show (Surplus Gallery, Carbondale, 2014)

Carbondale (2014)


November Art Show (St. Louis, 2015)

Mass "resistance" meeting organized by Socialist Alternative St. Louis (2017).

Historical Materialism Toronto (2016)

The Popular Avant-Garde the last time around